From Chris and Jane Jones

Approaching Scott Haywood for financial advise is the best and most stress relieving choice my wife and I have made when it comes to money.

Scott is so much more than just a numbers man.. His ability to understand our needs and beliefs has bought about a partnership that has morphed into a friendship.  I would never have thought I would look forward to a meeting about money, it's kind of like saying your excited about seeing the dentist.  But I can genuinely say catching up with Scott is not only beneficial but very entertaining.  I highly recommend Scott to anyone seeking advice, it will only take 2 minutes to realise you've found the right person. After all, he is the 'Finance Guru'!

From Anonymous

Just a quick note to say thanks for putting me in touch with Scott Haywood. Marty and I have met with Scott on a couple of occasions now and he has also come to Westpac with us to help sort out the way we are set up. He's made some suggestions with our company and business that will end up saving us a lot as of last tax year.

As you both know we were thinking about moving, which wasn't really our first choice because of the kids, but we think now that it is possible to stay here with the changes Scott has made with us along with a review of our budget.

I only wish I had of met him years ago! I think he is a really good asset there within your building, it was practical and he made it simple for both of us to 'get it'.

From Mark Howard - Channel 10 and Triple M Commentator

Scotty Haywood is like that brilliant mechanic, doctor or butcher you always hang on to. once you have dealt with him once, you will never let him go.  I first dealt with Scott six years ago and have been hanging on to him ever since. He has taken me from a positional of financial uncertainty to one of stability and growth. From a dis organised, misdirected approach, to a rational, forward thinking solution.  Even better than that Scotty has explained to me in patient detail every step of the journey. This has allowed me to become properly involved in decisions regarding my future. A little knowledge is a wonderful thing, especially in such an important area of your life.
Scotty Haywood is a keeper.

From Guy LeCouteur (Producer My MP 1377)

It’s been terrific working with you. You have been a remarkably patient and kind behind the scenes, and great to listen to on air, well done and all the best at 3AW.

From Anonymous (3AW Listener)

After listening to Scott Haywood on 3AW we met with him to seek financial advice and want to tell you how impressed we are with his professionalism, friendly manner and his wealth of knowledge and information. We are acting on his advice and feel confident and very secure about our financial future after consulting Scott. Thank you for the introduction via the airwaves. We would highly recommend his services. 

From Anonymous (3AW Listener)

Just wanted to say I am in the finance industry and really enjoy your Finance reports with Scott (and Tom Elliott) on the Drive program.I find them lighthearted but delivers information succinctly and is easy to follow! Most other finance reports I tune out! 

From Caitlin Keaney (Brand Manager at The Heat Group )

Scott, Thanks so much for meeting with me the other day. It was very helpful to know that I am on the right track, and have something to aim for.