Since 1992, we at Haywood Financial Management & Partners (HFM & Partners) have provided financial and wealth management services to a diverse group of clients ranging from company executives and employees to self-employed people and retirees. We specialise in dealing with professional business people and their families. We value the business of the people we act for and we are proud to say that the vast majority of our business is derived from the referrals of our clients.

Our principals & partners at HFM & Partners have over three decades combined experience and are supported by a team of skilled advisory, research, technical and administrative personnel. Our services have been developed with the goal of helping you create, manage and protect your wealth.

HFM & Partners has a successful long term record of providing comprehensive financial advice and pro-active investment management to our private and corporate clients. Our clients value our experience and expertise. Professionalism, integrity and sound decision making are the foundations on which HFM & Partners will continue to build our professional associations.

HFM & Partners has dealings with a number of financial institutions and therefore can provide our clients with a range of options, so they can make an informed choice. We only give advice when we fully understand the needs and objectives of our clients.

At HFM & Partners, we are able to provide you with a range of financial services to suit your personal needs, and when appropriate arrange introductions to specialists who are highly qualified in their field of expertise. We are committed to forming a mutually beneficial and long term relationship with you.

How do our clients benefit from our services? HFM & Partners provide:

  • The right advice for your needs, every time
  • Peace of mind, knowing your assets are protected
  • A Plan for your wealth creation is in place
  • A "one stop shop" for all your financial planning needs
  • A choice of competitive fee structure
  • Continued monitoring to make sure we meet your needs over time
  • A service regime and offering, which you have a say in, so you get what you want

Our advisers are Authorised Representatives of InterPrac Financial Planning Pty Ltd ABN 14 076 093 680.